Parent Partnership Forum

At St Anthony’s we believe in a parent’s right and responsibility to be involved in and contribute to the educational experiences of their children. We know that a relationship between school and parents works best when it is based on mutual respect and acknowledgement of the values that each brings. Toowoomba Catholic Schools (TCS) has developed this Charter to aid parents as they navigate the school environment and become fluent in the ‘language of school’.

The school has a proactive and engaged group of parents who are part of the Parent Partnership Forum (PPF). The PPF hold eight gatherings a year to meet and collaborate around the strategic priorities of the school, resourcing and identifying innovative ways that parents can be engaged in their child’s learning, while also connecting with other families. We know that when home and school develop a strong relationship, students thrive! All parents are encouraged to attend these gatherings with the details published on the Sentral Portal.